Jesus Film

The Jesus Film continues to cause amazing results.  I have shown it in countries all over the world, and have been just amazed at how many would want God in their life, after each and every showing, whether it as in a city or out in a remote jungle setting.

There are teams of young people showing the film every night now all over.  Many are doing so in quite dangerous places and settings.  But every day new stories are coming to us about amazing manifestations of God’s intervening Spirit Power.  And I wanted to share with you just one of those stories from this week……………

A local father and son heard about a “JESUS” film team going around their community sharing the gospel. This was blasphemy that had to be stopped. So, they grabbed guns and headed to where the team was.

The team was jarred awake from sleep with guns pointed right at them. They were about to be executed.

The father and son demanded, “Are you the ones showing the film about the Prophet, causing people to stop following our faith?”

Knowing they could be killed in the next moment, the team courageously replied: “Yes. We are the people, and if you have come to kill us, that is OK. You can kill us. But before you do, we have one request. Will you please watch the film?”So, here is what happened……….

“You May Kill Us … But Watch This Film First”

The team was amazed when the father, a man who fervently defended his religion, agreed to watch the film. So, they set up their portable equipment and showed them “JESUS.”

Because the film was in their heart language, the father and son heard and understood the Word of God for the first time. They were gripped by God’s love, and by the story of Jesus’ miracles, words, death and resurrection. It was clear to them: Jesus was not just a Prophet, but God Incarnate.

Something more was happening, for when the film concluded, rather than killing the team, the father jumped to his feet and shouted, “I have seen the Lord!”The film team explained the gospel further to the father and son and about how much Jesus, the Son of God, loves them. They believed and were made new by the power of the Holy Spirit … transformed from death to life.


If you would like to watch a wonderful, life changing movie, get yourself all prepared with the time to watch a full length movie, and then go to this site and be ready for a life changing experience.……………..


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