The Covenant

I have already described how I went every week to the large, high security prison, at Gainesville, Texas for for boys ages 12 to 19.  I did this for 20+ years to present the Gospel Story to each new boy who came into the prison.  Over the span of those years that amounted to thousandsContinue reading “The Covenant”

Artificial Intelligence

Supposedly highly intelligent “do-gooders” keep telling us that Artificial Intelligence (A-I) is going to replace the human brain. It ain’t going to happen. I have written you before that George Guilder has by far the most intelligent brain alive today as respects technology. He told us what the internet was going to be and doContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence”

Cattle Story

My big Santa Gertrudis cattle were what cattlemen call “good rustlers”. When other breeds would be sleeping in the shade on hot days, these would be out there eating and growing as a result. They had another wonderful trait. My friends who have Herefords and particularly Black Angus have all kinds of calving problems. TheContinue reading “Cattle Story”

The Watch

In my book soon to be published, there is one incident that I want to tell you about.  It happened on one of the trips to Honduras when I was taking medical teams there to treat the people in remote parts of the country. After getting up at daylight, having breakfast, loading up the vehicles,Continue reading “The Watch”

General Lemay in Asia

As I have written before, historians say that General Curtis Lemay was one of the most important warriors that our country ever had. During WWII we were not putting any effective bombs on the Japanese, and that had to be done if we were ever going to defeat them. However, he showed us how toContinue reading “General Lemay in Asia”

E.V. Hill

I was privileged to get to know Dr. Hill.  He had the huge church in the black, Watts area of Los Angeles.  He was a really big black man both physically and otherwise.  You may have seen him on one of his many TV appearances. He was reared on the outskirts of La Grange, Texas. Continue reading “E.V. Hill”

Valle de Leán

For many years it has been my privilege to lead medical teams to some of the most remote parts of Honduras.  They usually consisted of approximately 60 people.  Every trip, we had medical doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses, dentists, and all manner of volunteer helpers.   Every trip I would try to get a particular church toContinue reading “Valle de Leán”

The Little Girl

On this one trip to Honduras, it was so very hot and humid.  I worked mostly in the dental clinic, for there were always way more people needing relief from severe dental problems than we could possibly treat. Before we go, I always ask the doctors going for the first time to go back andContinue reading “The Little Girl”


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