The Little Girl

On this one trip to Honduras, it was so very hot and humid.  I worked mostly in the dental clinic, for there were always way more people needing relief from severe dental problems than we could possibly treat. Before we go, I always ask the doctors going for the first time to go back andContinue reading “The Little Girl”

Richard Brooks

There were many “Fighting Texas Aggies” who contributed greatly to the Allied success in WWII.  However, there were probably none more so than Richard Brooks from Waco, Texas.  And you probably never heard of him.  Many have been honored and commemorated down at College Station for their contributions to our military efforts, but he hasContinue reading “Richard Brooks”

The Red Head

For many years I had a lovely office in Downtown Dallas.  It had much space, dark green plush carpet, a big conference table, nice leather chairs, and lovely western art on the walls.  I had a great secretary who took shorthand, and two different young male assistants.  However, since I lived in the Denton area, the commuteContinue reading “The Red Head”

The Fish Fall

I would usually take our medical teams to the east coast of Honduras. There are so many really poor villages of people there along the coast and inland from there. However, we went two times into the Province of Yoro in the central highlands, and the town of Yoro with teams sponsored by First BaptistContinue reading “The Fish Fall”

Incredible Mary Crowley

This was one incredible woman. She was born in Missouri but wound up with her husband and two young children in Sherman, Texas. At the very worst part of the great depression, her husband just left her and the children. She figured that if they were not going to starve, she had better get aContinue reading “Incredible Mary Crowley”

The Hunts

As I mentioned elsewhere in this book, I was good friends with Bunker Hunt. He was a most interesting man. He really kept his thoughts quite simple. He was also very self-effacing. Even when he was considered one of the world’s richest men, being with him, you would never have guessed it if you didContinue reading “The Hunts”

Dr. Motes

On our very first trip to Honduras this grizzly old dude showed up and went with us. That trip was sponsored by Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas, since I would get a church to sponsor each of those medical teams that I took down there. This old dude had been the only medical doctor in a smallContinue reading “Dr. Motes”

The Truck

The Truck The Southern Baptists had an old bob-tail truck on the east coast of Honduras.  A Baptist missionary at Progresso, a suburb of San Pedro Sula kept it.  I was allowed to use it on most every medical trip that I took to that area of the country.  The truck was quite old with fadedContinue reading “The Truck”


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