Author of True Texan Tales, Ron Linam

Ronald “Ron” Linam

Ronald holds a Business Degree from Baylor University where he was on Baylor’s debate team and rifle team, an Industrial Engineering Degree from Southern Methodist University where he was President of the National Federation of Industrial Engineers, and a Certificate of Finance from Harvard Business School.

He has served as Director of Investments for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies where he managed their investment portfolios of stocks, bonds, mortgage loans, venture capital, and real estate investments. In that capacity he also served as president of their real estate development subsidiary.

For many years he has been and continues as an independent consultant on land investments for some of the nation’s largest banks and insurance companies such as Sentry Insurance, The U.S. Trust Company of N.Y. and The Northern Trust Company of Chicago. For the Northern Trust he analyzed farms for purchase, and was highly trained in agriculture by Dr. James Shute to buy the desired high productive farms for their European clients.

He has facilitated many new business connections between U.S. companies and mainland China, traveling extensively in China and consulting for Chinese companies, Chinese Government Agencies, and the Chinese Military, starting in 1980…….when we thought China was headed to democracy.

He has worked as a consulting engineer for Sepradyne and British Nuclear Fuels on new remediation technology.

He has served on the boards of numerous corporations. He served on the Board of Trustees of Dallas Baptist University for 18 years and as the Chairman of the Board for two years, and as Chairman of their Presidential Search Committee. He served on the first Advisory Board of the Baylor Universiy Business School.

He is a frequent speaker at investment conferences such as the Institutional Investors Conference in New York, and the Financial Analysts Federation.

Over the years he has done specific (unnamed) activities for the U.S. Government in the area of national defense, most recently in Afghanistan.

For 30 years he raised and sold Quarter Horses and purebred Santa Gertrudis Cattle to many different countries, such as Russia, South Africa, several South American countries, and the Mariana Islands.

For many years he took medical teams of 60+ people to various areas of Honduras and managed and set them up in remote jungle and mountain sites to treat the people.

For the past 20 years he has met and counseled, presented the Gospel, and followed-up with each new boy coming into a large kid’s prison in north Texas (a prison for boys 12 to 19 years of age).

He continues to be very involved in starting and guiding new venture capital companies.

Ron’s House on His 1,600 Acre Ranch

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