Eddie Rickenbacker – bigger than life

We desperatly need more men like this right now.                                          Eddie Rickenbacker – Bigger than Life This was one of the most incredible men who ever lived in the United States.  He so loved this country, and spent his lifeContinue reading “Eddie Rickenbacker – bigger than life”

More on China

After the trip to China just described, I worked with Chinese Intelligence for 22 years.  But before you question whether that was “good” or not let me explain.  Shortly after 1980 the Chinese authorities were still determined to know about the United States’ “management system”………just like the authorities in Russia wanted to know.   Since central planning of a huge economyContinue reading “More on China”

Special Intelligence on Ukraine

Are you are interested in what is really happening in Ukraine?  I get intelligence from sources that you probably have no access to.  So I wanted to share with you how the Ukrainian Military is really stopping the Russians, and killing thousands of them.  It is not coming from the shoulder fired tank busting missals we sent, thoughContinue reading “Special Intelligence on Ukraine”