Eddie Rickenbacker – bigger than life

This was one of the most incredible men who ever lived in the United States.  He so loved this country, and spent his life trying to make sure it stayed on the right course. He was born October 8, 1890 and named Edward Vernon “Eddie” Rickenbacker.  When he was still quite young, he raced fourContinue reading “Eddie Rickenbacker – bigger than life”

Amazing New Solution for Covid-19

We have known for a long time that ultra-violet light kills bacteria and viruses, but harms humans.  That is why the New York City Subway subjects its cars to such light every night when no humans are there. Many hospitals bath their operating rooms with such light at night when humans are absent.  Dr. David Brenner,Continue reading “Amazing New Solution for Covid-19”

The Amazing Dr. Youngerman

For many years I took 60+ member medical teams down to very remote parts of Honduras……..doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists and just willing volunteers.  We treated multitudes of people who had never seen a doctor or dentist or had access to a pharmacist or optometrist and probably never would for the rest of their life. Continue reading “The Amazing Dr. Youngerman”

General McArthur: A Most Special Person

General Curtis Lemay was by far the most important person responsible for the US winning WWII. We knew that we had to destroy Germany’s production capacity to ever defeat them, but we were bombing them and losing large numbers of bombers and men and destroying practically nothing. As leader if one of our major bomberContinue reading “General McArthur: A Most Special Person”